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LED Light Up Shoes Buying Guide Light up shoes are becoming increasingly popular these days and there are more than a couple of reasons for that. And if you’re planning to get one, you’re in luck because there are so many options to choose from. You’d expect that each type or variety also comes with its distinctive design and features. So it’s obvious that when you’re shopping for a LED light up shoes, you first have to figure out what you really want in one so that you won’t wasting your time looking for something you’re clueless about. Obviously, one of the first things you should be searching for in those shoes are the multi-colored LED light strips, which also are the biggest reason why you’re buying this type of footwear in the first place. The best thing about light strips offering various color options is that you get to customize the shoes based on what color best suits your outfit for the day. Aside from color, your light up sneakers also needs to have different light modes for additional customization. The most popular light modes include that of strobe, flashing, and solid state. Each has its own characteristic or distinctive look that will make you look funkier than ever.
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Furthermore, if you really are serious about making those shoes very unique and funky, it is best that you go for LED shoes with motion sensors. The motion sensors serve as activators for the lights whenever you take a step or move your feet. You even get to choose shoes that light up with multiple sensors in them, the idea of which is to activate very specific sets of lights.
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If you want more personalization, you can choose something with an on/off switch if you don’t want the light and use them as regular shoes. Obviously, you only want to buy a pair of light up shoes with a rechargeable battery, the purpose of which is to avoid having to spend a lot of money on buying disposable batteries. Rechargeable batteries in those shoes are usually charged via a USB port. Now if you really want to take your LED light up shoes to the next level, you can go for one that has Bluetooth connectivity. With it, you have the ability to control your shoes and its lights via your phone. That’ amazing, right? Aside from Bluetooth, you even can buy one with sound effects that activate the moment the shoes touch the floor. There is no doubt that once you go out there to purchase your LED light up shoes, you’d be totally amazed at the hundreds of options available. But refrain from buying light up shoes made by an unknown shoe brand or manufacturer because you might end up getting something made out of low quality and substandard material.